Unified Communication

Billions of hours of meeting recordings happen every year. There is immense value waiting to be unlocked by analysis of these meeting recordings.


Our Solution

Streamingo offers an extremely innovative AI-based meeting – recording analytics to unlock the assets of video meetings that most enterprises store for future access. Streamingo uses its patented Deep Learning and cognitive NLP algorithms to analyze a video meeting recording to: identify speakers, chapterize the contents with markings for each speaker; generate key words and key actions.


Key Features

Deep learning and other AI techniques make the video meeting recordings an order of magnitude more valuable by

  • Enabling cognitive services such as transcription
  • Language translation
  • Searchable keyword generation
  • Searchable key-action generation, speaker facial recognition
  • Detection of actions / reactions
  • Body language analysis
  • Meeting efficacy prediction
  • Evidence material for compliances
  • Sales training development


  • Get summaries and meeting minutes of important calls you missed, automatically.
  • Distributed teams across the globe can get quick insights on overall meeting sentiments.
  • Get quick insights about meetings, that derail from planned agendas and result in lost productivity.
  • Automatic translation of meeting notes into local languages, along with meeting action items.