Sports Analytics

Sports teams around the world are constantly seeking to improve team and player performance, leveraging increasing amounts of data that is getting generated from a multitude of sources. Wearable devices, video cameras and various sensors are some of the important data sources. Teams value the insight into these data to improve their team performance, player performance, engage with and grow their audience base.


The world of sports analytics, has multiple technology challenges. It is difficult to model player actions and generate insights in realtime. Technology challenges exist, to generate actionable insights from diverse data sources like sensors, video cameras, wearable devices and merge them together to provide a unified view.

Our flagship product, FizzStream is a versatile AI solution for which we are building out very interesting capabilities relevant to the sports analysis industry.



We are actively working on developing FizzStream capabilities for the Sports analytics domain


We are building new features, in consultation with different teams and coaches. On our radar right now

  • Accurate player tracking for the entire game
  • Keep track of performance across games, providing key metrics to help improve performance
  • Track custom events across games for players
  • Automated tagging of key events for coaches to refer to
  • Player formations during key events in games


FizzStream analytics and insights have multiple benefits to sporting teams across multiple sports.

  • Teams benefit from our analytics and insights
  • Identify player patterns and preferences to get a leg up on the competition
  • Players learn from analysis of prior footage on areas of improvement
  • Leverage our player statistics during post season transfers