We engineered FizzStream to be an enterprise grade AI SaaS platform catering to multiple market segments and use cases. The platform has the ability to generate unique insights from analysis of a video on account of rich features available for integrated speech, image and text analysis. We are focused on core AI innovation to make the platform more versatile and capable of handling ever increasing workloads. Some of the market segments, we already cater to, are outlined below:

Consumer Behavior Insights

CPG companies around the world, increasingly rely on immersive research to understand consumer behavior better. Video based immersive research provides an authentic window into actual – not claimed – behaviors.

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Sports Analytics

Professional sports over time have become so competitive, where a few seconds can change the course of a game. Technology based insights is giving teams and players the edge over the competition.

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Unified Communications

Video meetings are expected to surpass all other business communications and become the defacto standard. There is tremendous value and insights locked in business meeting recordings, which AI can unlock .

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Media & Entertainment

The human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish. Search for information of relevance, and access to simplified content for quicker understanding, are the main challenges that technology can help solve.

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The surveillance sector poses the largest technology challenges for analysis and close to real time responses to events. Cutting edge AI solutions for analysis, and insights from large volumes of video feeds are the need of the industry today.

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Corporate Learning & Higher Education

The world is going Digital. There are more learners today than teachers can possibly cater to. The Millennial Generation is struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving skill requirements during their education and work careers.

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