Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies analyze huge reams of data,focused on understanding their audience. Insights into audience behavior dictate business strategy, marketing and content creation to a great extent.

AI and Machine Learning will continue to push innovation, communication, and interactivity to new levels in media and entertainment.



  • Deliver the most relevant content to consumers to keep them engaged
  • Personalization of content
  • Optimization of conversions
  • Improving the search experience

FizzStream has a rich set of features, which can be leveraged by Media
and Entertainment companies for enhanced business outcomes


  • Powerful video search capabilities (across speech, image and text)
  • Automated content summarization
  • Intuitive engagement analytics and insights
  • Advanced content recommendation engine


  • News aggregators, accrue immense business efficiency with our summarizer
  • OTT players get increased audience engagement using our plugin
  • Unified search, creates advanced indexes to composite content search benefiting all media companies