Consumer Behaviour Insights

The new way of having competitive advantage is through customer orientation, deep understanding of their needs and fulfilling them better than anyone else. Insights into consumer behaviour can help companies to successfully innovate, develop, market products and brands.



  • Enterprises have increased focus on customer centricity
  • Videos are increasingly used for studies in consumer behavior analysis
  • The volume of video data generated for analysis is enormous
  • Manual analysis of consumer study videos is extremely cumbersome
  • Automation of analysis and insights generation is the need of the hour

One of the largest FMCG companies in the world, claims that it conducts over 15,000 research studies every year,
and invests more than $350 million annually in consumer understanding.

Our Solution

Streamingo`s Consumer Insight platform enables automation and tremendous efficiency improvements to video based consumer behavior studies

  • Automatically tag objects, actions and speech inside videos
  • Search within and across videos based on annotations
  • Intuitive behavior analytics and insights generated for videos and for studies
  • Integration of external data for more accurate insights
  • Rich set of APIs for integrations with 3rd party solutions

Global brands using FizzStream Insights Engine report

  • 90% increase in speed of video analysis
  • 70-80% increase in accuracy of tagging
  • Significantly improved outcomes from intuitive analytics and insights
  • Increased number of simultaneous studies conducted
  • Reuse of videos from one study to another