About Us

Launched in 2015, by a group of product engineering veterans from illustrious multinational companies, Streamingo is singularly focused on becoming the world leader in analysis of videos to generate insights hitherto impossible by in depth human analysis. Starting from solving extremely complex problems in speech recognition, and Natural language processing, we have now evolved into a leader for deep learning based analysis of videos. Early learnings, experimentation and cutting edge research in AI have now translated into a fully automated and scalable offering for generating insights in videos in multiple domains. Along the journey, we have had a lot of fun and learning and wonderful experiences. We stay intrigued about the possibilities of our technology, and hope to touch a billion lives positively, one day.

Our Culture

We are researchers and a top notch team of engineers at heart. We enjoy solving tough problems, which are abstract in nature and have a global scope. The team has diverse skillsets and is united in it’s mission to make a significant mark as an innovative AI company.

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of the global leaders in video insights in the next 5 years. Cutting edge research in AI, disciplined engineering execution and eagerly listening to customer feedback, and delighting our customers should get us there. We envision that we will build 6-7 global AI products in the next 5 years, which we will be proud of for eternity.

Our Stellar Founding Team

The founding team brings a wealth of innovation, product expertise, and diversity to enable Streamingo implement best in class practices for all aspect of company operations.

Join us and be part of our exciting journey in becoming the global leader in video analytics!

Streamingo is constantly on the look-out for smart engineers who have an abiding interest in and hands-on exposure to Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning, HPC, FST, Optimization Techniques, JavaScript Client Frameworks and Server Side Programming. You will find a friendly environment to work in, multiple career diversification opportunities, better-than-market compensation and great colleagues! Rush your resumes to careers@streamingo.ai